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L.I.T.E (Lasting Individual Total Effect)

LITE is a high fat and high protein extreme weight loss program. Working through three intrigal stages; foundation, transformation and then to metamorphous into the new you, when you will have reached your new weight.


Lynda Paterson

Lynda will introduce you to the program by giving you a booklet that explains each step clearly, introducing you to stress techniques that will aid you in moving blockages that might be hindering your progress, weigh and measure you, and scheduling future appointments.

During your sessions with Lynda’s support, she will be using her counselling skills to help you to identify/move blockages and issues that may arise due to the LITE program.


Dr Keshena Tan will work through, using NET to unblock, any challenges/issues re; personal image (photos), the L.I.T.E program (the book) and any emotional barriers preventing you successfully shifting the weight.

Keshena has helped so many people to move many blockages and has had such a significant impact on her clients lives.