Crystal Healing Therapy

The Secrets of Crystal Healing

Ancient cultures all around the world used healing stones and crystals to align, clear and transform their energy, soul and physical wellness. The metaphysical forces of crystals were not any mystery to the majority of ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Mayans and Sumerians who regularly adorned their bodies jewellery and buildings with those sacred stones. Though these ancient civilizations understood the incredible healing properties of crystals and diamonds, our modern civilization has, for the most part, forgotten about these ancient healing techniques.

Just like magnets utilize energy to draw or repel, healing stones and crystals use energy in the exact same way. When you put certain crystals over specific elements of your body, your energy transforms, vibrates, pulses and shifts in accordance with the possessions and energetic signature of the crystal.

A crystal healing is a unique and gentle way of healing and shifting blockages of energy and minor ailments. Allow an hour or longer to experience the benefits of an individually designed session of crystal healing.

Past Life Regression Therapy

A past-life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis or a deep trance-like state to recover hidden memories and images of past lives or incarnations. Under hypnosis or trance-like state, the person is guided through the events that they see to reveal the details of this life or lives.

The benefit can be as life changing as shifting a physical symptom that has persisted in this life, despite all attempts at trying everything to remove the said symptoms, they still persist then a past life regression could very well assist in identifying the problem and removing it.

If you are going to have a past-life regression, the stories that you see are as close to the truth as you’re ever going to get given thos4e limitations of memory and recall.


Skype will allow me to work with an individual face to face via the internet. l can have a direct private counselling session with you. We set a time for us to work and together we can be effective in working through of blockages, issues and any priority that may arise during a session that needs attention.

As long as you have internet connection and speakers we will be able to work together.

By using Skype l want to establish a greater connection globally with people. Allowing me to spread the word that; ‘we do not have to be stuck’. l want people to have a better life and l want to share my passion with everyone, l want to “make a difference”.

Tarot Readings

See what ADVENTURE there is in your future.

Over the years, I have helped many people seeking answers, direction, and guidance from the spirit world, metaphysical, energetically or simply instinctively.

I have been doing tarot readings for 18 years and working/studying with the Metaphysical. I tell the story that you allow me to see when using the Osho Zen cards. I feel very blessed and humble when people come to me for a tarot reading because it is something very personal and l take it very seriously.

If you have a tarot reading done it is important that you feel comfortable and trust the person you are with.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Lynda uses ACT to work with the clients to help empower them to accept any unwanted private experiences which are out of their personal control, as well as show them how to commit to actions towards living a valued life.

In other words, … “Embrace your demons, and follow your heart!”

Put simply:
–The aim of ACT is to create a rich, full and meaningful life, while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it.

Interactive Drawing Therapy

With Interactive drawing therapy or art therapy l am able to understand where the blockages are in your life. l will set simple tasks that you can complete during our session or after. We will discuss the pictures and better communicate via the pictures.

I may also do a diagnostic readings of the artwork. Explaining why or even how the patterning has occurred in your life. You do not need to have any particular skill as an artist, stick figures are fine.


Anyone can shift the pain, trauma, anxiety, anguish and depression energetically. To shift those things that cause blockages in our lives; you have to be prepared to be empowered and do the work, l will guide you and train you in techniques that will enable you to work through any future obstacles.

The benefits are a good life, having the freedom to go off and to start new things, and accept new challenges

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