L.I.T.E Lasting Individual Total Effect

LITE is a high fat and high protein extreme weight loss program. Working through three intrigal stages; foundation, transformation and then to metamorphous into the new you, when you will have reached your new weight.

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In Person

If you want to know what is going to happen in your life, or where you might be stuck. If you want to ask general questions or about relationships, book an appointment with me. A tarot reading can take up to an 1hr or 1&1/2 hrs

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Anyone can shift the pain, trauma, anxiety, anguish and depression energetically. To shift those things that cause blockages in our lives; you have to be prepared to be empowered and do the work, l will guide you and train you in techniques that will enable you to work through any future obstacles.

The benefits are a good life, having the freedom to go off and to start new things, and accept new challenges

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