Tarot Readings

See what ADVENTURE there is in your future.

Over the years, I have helped many people seeking answers, direction, and guidance from the spirit world, metaphysical, energetically or simply instinctively.

I have been doing tarot readings for 18 years and working/studying with the Metaphysical. I tell the story that you allow me to see when using the Osho Zen cards. I feel very blessed and humble when people come to me for a tarot reading because it is something very personal and l take it very seriously.

If you have a tarot reading done it is important that you feel comfortable and trust the person you are with.

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In Person

If you want to know what is going to happen in your life, or where you might be stuck. If you want to ask general questions or about relationships, book an appointment with me. A tarot reading can take up to an 1hr or 1&1/2 hrs

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Skype will allow me to work with an individual face to face via the internet. l can have a direct private counselling session with you. We set a time for us to work and together we can be effective in working through of blockages, issues and any priority that may arise during a session that needs attention.

As long as you have internet connection and speakers we will be able to work together.

By using Skype l want to establish a greater connection globally with people. Allowing me to spread the word that; ‘we do not have to be stuck’. l want people to have a better life and l want to share my passion with everyone, l want to “make a difference”.

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